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Nestled in the exquisite, postcard town of Paarl, is a unique mainstream school. Heritage House is a supportive, dual-medium (English & Afrikaans) school where children are made to feel happy and safe. All children should be awarded the chance to receive an education in a disciplined and stress-free environment, because a happy child is an easy child to teach, and at Heritage House we want every learner to look forward to attending school every day. Heritage House Offers Grade RR- Grade 12 registered with the WCED.

Each parent must also be assured that the level of support provided by us is of the highest standard, offering their child a head start in life through a high-quality, supportive education with the national curriculum supported by a supplementary maths and reading international curriculum.

At Heritage House we recognize that every child is an individual with his or her own set of dreams and aspirations. Even though these dreams and aspirations may change through the years, our support and love at each step remain uncompromising. We believe that our learners should grow up feeling fulfilled and confident, and we spare no effort in playing our part to help them to become happy, successful and valuable members of their communities and of the world.


Our educational model recognizes that every child learns in a unique and individual way. Teachers at Heritage House are trained to ensure that together with the support teams, children achieve successful learning outcomes and high academic performance. Heritage House offers a dual curriculum – the South African Curriculum (CAPS). We ensure that all our programs keep abreast of the latest trends and levels, leaving behind the outdated and so-called “molded” education, yet encouraging and guiding learners to maintain good discipline in a respectful environment.

Heritage House school works closely with psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and physiotherapists, allowing them to be consulted at school to accommodate working parents.

“The function of education is to teach one to think critically. Intelligence plus Character – that is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King


It is our belief at Heritage House Independent School that healthy social interaction and a well-rounded education are vital in developing the whole child. We encourage all children to participate in sport and cultural activities. We help identify those activities that the child enjoys most, and encourage participation in a positive, supportive manner. Click here for more information about Sport and Cultural activities offered at our school.


For enrollment or more information, contact:

Carol Meyer
Telephone: 021-863 0537
E-mail: mariana@heritagehouseprimary.com

Telephone: 021-863 0537
E-mail: carolm@meyerexec.com