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The Directors of Heritage House have found through thirty-four years experience, that class sizes are key to successful learning. For this reason we limit classes to between 12 and 15 learners. Research supports this too, showing that classes of this size help learners to feel safe, relaxed and more willing to engage with the learning process. Small class sizes also allow teachers and support assistants to give each learners individual attention, and are skillfully trained to recognize when children need additional support. We believe children should feel calm and safe at school, and for this reason we work hard to keep the environment anxiety-free.

One-On-One support can be arranged with the school during the initial interview, should the learner require additional assistance.


Heritage House recognizes that nobody will ever know the child’s needs better than the parent, and that successful education requires close collaboration with the parent. At Heritage House we understand the demands placed on modern families, and for this reason we assist by giving manageable homework, and accommodating drop-off and collection times. The school opens at 6.30 am and closes at 17.45 pm. Children deserve to be in a safe environment when Mom and Dad need to get to work on time, which means that the staff on duty work to create a real home-from-home environment before and after school.


Heritage House school is able to recognize and accommodate gifted children, ensuring that they are extended and stimulated. Many gifted children appear to be in the mainstream school context, without motivation to apply themselves to the work, and cause disruption in the classroom. This is often because they learn more swiftly than most and perhaps have not been recognized as a child needing additional stimulation. Sadly they are frequently labeled as “naughty and problematic” in schools that don’t recognize their intelligence.  We remedy this at Heritage House by providing the extra stimulation they require with activities that encourage them to extend their considerable abilities.


Children with normal or above-normal Intellectual Quota often under-perform in school due to certain learning barriers such as reading difficulties (Dyslexia), mathematical difficulties (Dyscalculia), attention problems (ADD), hyperactive attention disorder (ADHD), and low and high functioning (children on spectrum…Autism), to mention but a few. Heritage House prides itself on taking an approach where each child is treated with respect and as a unique individual. Therefore the school structures a path for the learner that needs remedial intervention, complete with one-on-one assistance, if necessary. All of the above takes place under the careful guidance of highly trained and experienced teachers and assistants.

Heritage House accepts that we are all unique in one way or another, and we embrace this as a blessing, fully understanding that we all have a valuable role to play in society.



A bridging class is available should learners not cope in the already small classes of 12-15. This is particularly beneficial both to the child who needs the support and the class teacher. This bridging class helps avoid disruption in the classroom and it guided by our Behavioural therapists and Facilitators. The Bridging class is designed to re-introduce the learner into mainstream slowly without anxiety.
This has the added benefit as it spares the parent the cost of an individual facilitator and each parent rather contributes towards the shared facilitators.