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Nestled in the picturesque town of Paarl, Heritage House Independent School is a unique mainstream school. We are a supportive English medium school with Afrikaans as First Edition Language. All children should be awarded the chance to receive an education in a disciplined and stress-free environment. Heritage House offers Grade RR to Grade 7 and is registered with the WCED. The school has received its Umalusi accreditation in 2020.

Welcome to Heritage House Primary School!



At Heritage House Independent School, we see ourselves as a family, so we see ourselves as part of the greater family of the new South Africa to which we all belong, regardless of any individual differences of any sort. We seek all the same happy co-existence that we seek for ourselves, and we pride ourselves in the wide variety of cultures, religions, ethnicities, and nationalities of learners in our school.

Our Aims are to:

  • Promote an inclusive and effective learning community with high expectations of all staff and pupils.
  • Provide an inspirational environment where pupils feel valued and secure in their learning.
  • Continue to develop and enrich the curriculum, linking areas of learning to enable all children to enjoy learning and to use and apply knowledge and skills in a whole range of situations.
  • Enhance children’s life chances through a stimulating, supportive parental partnership that nurtures each child to be the best that they can be.
  • Encourage a community spirit that actively promotes mutual respect and celebrates diversity.
  • Prepare children to become responsible, confident members of a global society who can apply their knowledge and skills to all future learning and active citizenship.


At Heritage House; we believe that learners’ best learning comes from a friendly environment.


We believe firmly in politeness, responsibility, respect, courtesy and good manners.


Schule deliver a high quality learning environment.

Our Vision:


At Heritage House, we aim to inspire our children to achieve excellence. We expect children to be Motivated in their learning, display a positive Attitude at all times, show Gumption when faced with obstacles, demonstrate Independent thinking and always Communicate effectively. We call these our MAGIC habits.

We insist on outstanding teaching and learning in order to ensure that all children make excellent progress in all areas of the curriculum.

We value parent partnership and work closely with families to support their children’s learning by ensuring that children are in school every day and are continuing the learning journey at home.




Staff Member Position
Sonette Hattingh Principal
Deandre Le Roux Vice Principal
Tanya Smit HOD
Erynn Cerfonteyn Gr R/RR
Stephanie Britz Gr 1
Andrea van den Berg Gr 2
Marzelle Heiberg Gr 3
Deandre Le Roux Gr 4
Simone Wepener Gr 5
Marne Stander Gr 6
Tanya Smit Gr 7
Nosi Palweni Secretary
Hassan Msosa Security
Anita Jacobs Cleaning Staff



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Term Dates

1 11 Jan – 24 Mar 53 Days
2 12 Apr – 23 Jun 49 Days
3 18 Jul – 29 Sept 52 Days
4 10 Oct – 15 Dec 47 Days